Blockchain technology uses cryptography and hashing to create a secure, immutable ledger that can be used to increase efficiency in many different industries such as banking, healthcare, legal, and even government. Click below to see a simple example of this technology in code.

Urgent Care Website


I'm passionate about health and health technology. I believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important for all of us. I wanted to make it easier for people to access the healthcare that they need in the St. Louis area, with a more intuitive, user-friendly website.



Sylar is a simple Twitter chatbot built with Python in a Google Colab notebook. The code can be viewed in the Twitter bio.

Stock Analyzer

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a cloud based spreadsheet software that mimics Microsoft Excel. I have created a program that analyzes stocks and even predicts the next price for a stock. Type in the stock ticker symbol and see for yourself! Also, please do not use any of this information as investing advice, and refrain from making financial decisions based on this project.

Cryptocurrency Wordcloud Analysis


This is a text analysis of cryptocurrency articles in Wikipedia. These “wordclouds” show the most common words in the Wikipedia articles for the corresponding term. The bigger the word, the more often it appears in the article. Not only are they a beautiful display, but informational as well.


I am continually building my expertise in the following technologies:


JavaScript is a high-level language that was originally created to make web pages interactive. Newer JavaScript engines now allow for non-browser applications and server-side website deployments. These powerful capabilities along with the ease of use, make JavaScript one of my favorite languages.


Python is another high-level language that emphasizes code readability mostly by effectively using whitespace in its syntax. While slower than other popular languages, it has powerful libraries for Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning, among other things. This language is great because of its syntactic beauty and large number of useful libraries. Python sparked my interest in robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning

I fell in love with Machine Learning upon first glance. This challenging and amazing technology will surely change the world, and I want to be apart of it. My favorite applications for Machine Learning include: Predictive Analysis, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. I plan to use my research in Machine Learning to help push the healthcare industry forward and increase the life quality and lifespan for people around the globe.


HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is the 'skeleton' when building webpages. This language is very simple but vital for any programmer to become familiar with. Not too much to say about HTML, it's simple and I love working with it.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is the 'skin', or 'clothing' when building web pages. Another simple and easy to understand language, it is the jelly if HTML was the peanut butter. It makes your HTML 'skeleton' look neat and beautiful.


We are living in the age of big data. Knowledge of databases and how to extract and use meaningful data is vital in our world today. Data is also the driving force behind Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.

Let's work together.